Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sweet spring

April has been a beautiful month. On top of the blessings of singing birds, yellow tulips, and 70 degree weather, I've had two weekends with road trips! Visiting Jenny in Indianapolis without kids was wonderfully refreshing. One double cheeseburger in my lap, a CD of Sherlock Holmes stories in the stereo, and a sunny open road. I was trembling with happiness. We visited the art museum, went out for dinner, went to the Feist concert. The concert was absolutely perfect---Feist was better in person than on CD, and it was delicious to just relax and listen.

A couple from church gave us their bike trailer, and the girls love to ride around in the "carriage". It's nice to be able to get out without our klunky double stroller. Phoebe's mickey mouse helmet does strange things to me. You know that feeling you get when your child cannot possibly get any cuter? That violent I'm-going-to-EAT-you feeling? I have to stop myself from totally smothering her.

Last weekend we went to Grammie and Poppie's to collect the rest of the bunk beds and see Aunt Kim's high school's musical. Eowyn decided to accessorize from the dress up trunk before we left. The nice thing about Phoebe is that she doesn't mind being attacked with love when she's being cute. Eowyn no longer appreciates this. So here she is, looking smashingly cute and funny, and I'm supposed to act totally normal about it. I guess I'm going to have to learn some motherly self control.

Favorite recent website finds: Because I have a lot of work on the computer, I listen to a lot of music. We try not to download music illegally....(I say *try* just because I cannot be absolutely certain that there isn't some unpaid-for mp3 floating around here). I listen to music a lot, and yet the last time we actually bought music was...a very long time ago. It's just not in our budget right now. This site lets you create your own "radio station." You pick the artists you want to listen to. The more you've picked, the less it plays its own "recommendations." You can rate songs, and if you give it a song a bad rating, it will stop playing it. I have about 10 artists picked out, and it now rarely plays anything I haven't picked.

Hayden He opened for Feist. He played the harmonica. He won my heart....or at least my listening ear. Help me, I like indie folk rock.

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Markus said...

Cute little girls! Thanks for the pic. I am offically hooked on fiest and find myself logging on to your site to link to theirs. I'm going to have to try out your jango link. - SRJ


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