Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Secret Weapon

A cheery spring hello to my five faithful readers. May you be blessed for stopping by to read the bits and pieces of my life that randomly happen to land on this page. A brief review of the last month: we all got sick, we had a lovely Easter, I painted the kitchen for the third time. Oh! And my wonderful brother in law just happened to have a genuine copy of Photoshop CS2 that he lovingly sent my way. Good thing he didn't hand deliver it or I may have had to kiss him, and we all know that kissing brothers in law can make for a real awkward moment. I think it's a necessity that everyone have a bonafide techie in their lives. It makes for great hand-me-downs to those of us who have not been to Circuit City in the last decade.

One of my one good ideas recently (unlike the first two kitchen colors) included this handy thing, and I pass it on to you aspiring Proverbs-31-like-a-merchant-ship-ladies like myself.

This notebook is like 3 by 4 inches and is now an indispensable part of the pit I carry around with me, also known as a purse. It's really a mini address book I bought for $3 at Wal-Mart. If your house is like mine, every room is slowly evolving into something that you actually really like. One day it may look like Pottery Barn, but, ahem, not today. When I am out and about, I tend to forget things. I find a fabric on sale that I like, but have no idea if it would look nice with the wall color, nor how many yards I would need to make curtains. This is my solution. Each little divider has each room's information on it---a paint chip that matches the wall color(s), measurements of each window and how much yardage I'd need for a new treatment, and other information. The page above has fabric scraps from the s' quilts so I can whip out the color scheme.

Of course it helps to have pages of other things I will never be able to remember, like my husband's shirt size, what clothing we need, how big our table is and what size tablecloth it takes.

Doesn't resourcefulness just make you happy?


Babu's Mama said...

I'm honored to be one of your five readers. Your blog thinks I am either "Tupelo, Mississippi," which is an hour away and, incidentally, Elvis's birthplace, or "Okolona, Mississippi" (no idea where that is).

I haven't forgotten that I promised to call you about, oh, say, five months ago. I am still feeling that this parenting thing is way, way beyond me!

onmywayhome said...

I LOOOOVE it! I also am loving all recipes, my new discovery I shared with you. The fact you can bookmark the recipes and themn print a shopping list, brilliant! I am feeling all too effecient armed with all this new info, I'm sure that won't last long....


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