Saturday, February 16, 2008

Whistle While You Work

Sewing machine is still in hiding. It came out for a brief romp when I made one of these, then I locked it away again. Don't worry; I'm not yet one of those Moms who gets that whistful look in her eye and says, "Oh yes, sewing...I used to have time for that..." One thing I know I've given up on is exercise. I've decided that I just don't care. And I don't really care if I'm supposed to care, either, so don't tell me I should care! I'm to the point where thirty minutes of me not having to do anything is much more beneficial than thirty minutes of exercise. Now will you excuse me while I wipe the donut grease off of the computer....

The rice pillow is for sure worth the one dollar and ten minutes it takes to make it. Eowyn kept stealing it from me and got out of bed twice to ask if she could sleep with it. Then the cat thought it was his long-lost mother and starting nursing it (he's from the shelter. he has issues).

Happy Friday. Treat yourself to one of my current musical obsessions and have a great weekend:
Joshua Radin
Jack Johnson
The Weepies
Laura Jansen


Grammy Hopkins said...

Sometimes there is just something more important than 30 minutes of moving for no reason! AMEN DAUGHTER!

Like right now...sewing 2 Easter dresses...and after those are done I'm sure I can find something else more important too!
Like sleep or baking or reading or vegging out... LOL

Markus said...

Hey Steph,I just got your letter! Thank you for both your beautiful note and for sharing your web page. Both made me have a beautiful day. : )


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